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For lying and walking areas in dairy and livestock houses

Kristal D&D is an approved dealer for the Kraiburg range of livestock flooring products. These have been carefully designed to promote excellent welfare standards in livestock buildings using special high-quality rubber mixtures developed specially for to withstand the wear and tear of the agricultural environment. Kraiburg is so confident of the durability of their products that all carry an extended warranty - see individual product descriptions below for details. Using Kraiburg's own guidelines, Kristal D&D can fit your choice of flooring product to ensure correct installation that will fully meet the warranty requirements. The products are designed for quick and easy fitting, thereby minimising the additional costs involved with installation.

Well-designed cubicle mats provide a comfortable surface, protecting the cows' legs from injury when lying down or getting up and encouraging the cow to lie down during periods of inactivity,which improves hoof condition and maximises productivity. Kraiburg cow mats have been designed to be cost-efficient as well as cow-friendly:

  • They are extremely robust and durable whilst also being soft, dimensionally stable and animal-friendly.
  • Their integrated gradient, positioning frameand surface elasticity promote the correct lying position of the cow.
  • The system is easily extendable and it is easy to replace single mats.
  • Natural rubber characteristic of thermal expansion is compensated by outstanding rubber quality and sophisticated joint design.

Products from the Kraiburg range include:

Flooring suitable for dairy cow cubicles


Image of Wingflex cubicle mat

  • 6cm thick solid rubber mat with Innovative wing profile provides soft surface that adapts to the shape of the animal.
  • Durable - maintains shape and softness.
  • Provides extremely comfortable lying surface for the cow.
  • Integrated gradient to rear of cubicle aids drainage.
  • Chamfered rear edge reduces risk of cows tripping and is gentle on the joints.
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee*.

KKMImage of KKM cubicle mat

  • Special honeycomb texture and different softness zones create excellent lying comfort.
  • Durable - maintains shape and softness.
  • Provides a comfortable lying surface for the cow.
  • Integrated gradient to rear of cubicle aids drainage.
  • Edging options include straight edges, the "Poly-T-Bar" (especially for use with very fine litter) and puzzle-shaped edges with chamfer on the rear edge.
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee*.


- flexible brisket board made of rubber Image of ergoBOARD brisket board

  • Flexible, comfortable and dimensionally stable.
  • Allow relaxed change of lying positions.
  • The cow can position herself easier to rest.
  • Easy on carpal joints when getting up.
  • Easy installation, independent of divider arrangement
  • Combination with various lying mat systems possible.
  • Retrofitting possible.

Flooring suitable for walking areas

Kura S/SE
- claw-friendly and more slip resistant cover for slatted floors

Image of shed fitted with Kura S flooring

  • Grip surface provides sure footing.
  • "Kura S" with studded underside for lower traffic areas in dairy cow / heifer cubicle buildings and pens.
  • "Kura SE" with grooved underside for high traffic areas in cow cubicle buildings.
  • 5 year manufacturer guarantee*.

Kura P
- claw-friendly and more slip-resistant cover for paved/concrete areas, with automatic scraper or manure removal using a tractor scraper.

Image of cubicle shed fitted with Kura P flooring

  • Grip surface provides sure footing.
  • Studded underside provides ideal softness.
  • Reinforced puzzle-shaped edges for secure fixing.
  • Dirt barriers reduce soiling uderneath the mats.
  • Fixed using Kraiburg fastening system - sturdy with rounded edges to prevent hoof damage.
  • 5 year manufacturer guarantee*.

Kura Flex
- for areas such as milking parlours, collection yards, races, cross-passages without automatic/tractor mounted scraper.

Image of milking parlour fitted with Kura Flex

  • Faster milking due to improved parlour entry.
  • Reduced stress - animals stand easy and relaxed.
  • Helps to reduce noise.
  • Can be installed between milkings.
  • Available with puzzle edges on 2,3 or 4 sides for easy fitting.
  • 5 year manufacturer guarantee*.

Further options are available - please ask or check out the Kraiburg website for details.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you, please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01885 483576.