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The principal

Condensing units are used to cool water in the ice builder to 0.5°C. During milking a centrifugal pump circulates a continuous flow of chilled water through a plate cooler to cool the milk from 35°C to 4°C in just a few seconds.

Ice builders offer the following benefits:

  • Image of the outside of an ice builderLowest possible running costs to make maximum use of off-peak electricity;
  • Instant cooling of the milk to 4°C at the plate cooler to inhibit bacterial growth and maintain milk quality;
  • Double protection - instant cooling via the ice builder in addition to the tank's DX cooling system;
  • Moving some of the compressor usage away from peak and milking times to even the electricity load;
  • Smaller compressors enabling single-phase options;
  • No mixing of hot and cold milk;
  • 24-hour milk collection - since milk enters the bulk tank at 4°C, collection can be during or immediately after milking.

Why buy a Kristal D&D ice builder?

The Kristal D&D ice builder includes the following features:

  • Image of the inside coil of an ice builderTwo separate ice banks positioned to ensure a large reservoir of ice is available and individually connected to each condensing unit for maximum efficiency;
  • Unique thermal flow system ensures returning warm water entering at the bottom of the tank is distributed evenly across the ice bank - eliminates the need for inefficient air blowers;
  • Constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and designed with a steel box-section frame for maximum strength and stability;
  • Expanded polyurethane foam injected between the inner and outer jackets guarantees maximum insulation and gives a strong and durable structure.

A range of models

Kristal D&D ice builders are available in a range of models to suit the individual farm business:

Model Condensing Unit Phase Tank Selection (litres) Approx icebank rebuild time Dimensions mm
Length Width Height Length with pump
KGI 500 1 x KR463 1 or 3 4,000 1890 880 1625 2110
5,000 7 hours
KGI 720 1 x KR353 1 or 3 7,000 2500 880 1625 2725
8,000 7 hours
KGI 960 2 x KR463 1 or 3 10,000 2500 1090 1625 2725
11,000 7 hours
KGI 1200 2 x KR623 1 or 3 3050 1090 1625 3275
13,000 7 hours
KGI 1500 2 x KR623 1 or 3 3050 1300 1625 3275
15,000 7 hours
Calculation: precooling to 18°C - every other day collection

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