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Essential to every cooling system

Photo of a wall-mounted plate coolerThe plate cooler, or plate heat exchanger, is an essential part of any milk cooling system. Stainless steel plates provide a large surface area to enable heat to transfer from the milk into water that is passed over the other side of the plates. They may be single-bank or double-bank, the latter generally being installed alongside an ice builder to provide chilled water for the second cooling phase.

A plate cooler improves the profitability of milk production through:

  • Improved milk quality resulting from the rapid reduction in temperature that suppresses the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms;
  • Dramatic savings in electricity;
  • Reduced wear and tear on the compressor improving longevity and ensuring optimum cooling performance at all times.

Leading the way in thermal engineering

Photo of a floor-mounted plate coolerKristal D&D plate heat exchangers are designed for high capacity, with plates 50% larger than the normal size to maximise the surface cooling area and minimise pressure drop. This greater efficiency is particularly important with fast-throughput milking parlours with higher-output milk pumps designed to transfer greater volumes of milk to the bulk tank. Kristal D&D plate heat exchangers are manufactured entirely from stainless steel for the very best in hygiene and durability, and are available to suit milk pumps with capacities of 7,500, 10,000 and 15,000 litres/hour. Wall- and floor-mounted models are available depending on size.

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