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Milk Cooling Solutions

Complete systems

Image of a milk cooling systemAs a stainless steel manufacturer of milk refrigeration equipment as well as the UK supplier of Ro-Ka bulk tanks, Kristal D&D specialises in designing milk cooling solutions for dairy farms throughout the United Kingdom. Milk silos, ice builders, heat recovery systems, plate coolers and condensing units are manufactured in our own workshops, and our focus is maximising profitability for our customers by optimising energy efficiency. As well as our standard range of equipment that is designed to suit most requirements, we can provide bespoke systems to overcome specific challenges in refrigeration that arise on individual farms. For example, Kristal D&D designed and manufactured a 50,000-litre milk silo to meet the particular requirements of one of our customers. This is considerably larger than anything available "off-the-shelf" in Europe and is probably the biggest storage facility installed on this side of the Atlantic.

Image of a milk cooling systemMaximise milk profitability

The energy used to cool milk and maintain it at 4°C can constitute a major cost to the dairy farmer. Rather than just supplying and installing a bulk tank or silo to meet your milk production requirements, Kristal D&D will help you to design the milk cooling solution that ensures the best quality milk at the lowest possible cost. Employing pre-coolers, instant cooling systems and plate heat exchangers, we will advise you on the most cost-effective solution to maximise milk profitability.

New and second-hand equipment

As well as systems comprised entirely of new components, Kristal D&D generally has a range of refurbished second-hand equipment that could form at least some of your cooling system. We can advise you on the suitability of such equipment within the whole system, the options available and their comparitive efficiency.

Trouble-free installation and continued support

Kristal D&D's highly-skilled engineers ensure a trouble-free installation. Once your milk refrigeration system is installed, Kristal D&D offers tailor-made maintenance contracts to suit your requirements. We carry a wide range of spares, not just for Ro-Ka tanks, but also for Japy, Mueller, Fabdec, Fullwood Packo and DeLaval cooling equipment, and parts required urgently can generally be despatched for delivery the following day. To check the availability and price of a particular component please complete our enquiry form, or call us on 01885 483576.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you, please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01885 483576.