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Milking Machines

Illustrative image of a milking point on an AutoRotor PerformerThe heart of the dairy farm

The milking machine is at the heart of every dairy farm, harvesting milk from every cow in the herd and conveying it to the bulk tank ready for collection. At the 'business end' it is in direct contact with the cows, the lifeblood and key asset of the dairy enterprise, and must not compromise udder health through physical harm or cross-infection. The milk too must be transported without damage or contamination to ensure that the very best quality milk is delivered to the dairy to achieve the highest possiblereturns.

Kristal D&D - dedicated milking machine team

Kristal D&D offers a comprehensive milking machine service to dairy farms in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire:

Kristal D&D - the complete package

Milking machines are just part of the Kristal D&D's complete package of services for the farm dairy. With our own in-house manufacturing team we are specialists in milk cooling solutions and deliver milk hygiene systems and advice through our van sales section. Our articulated lorry complete with 30-tonne lifting arm is also available for hire.

To find out how Kristal D&D can provide the right solution for you, please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01885 483576.